Peek at My Room

My Monkey MATH Pocket Chart.
Early Finishers LOVE this!

My desks in groups of 4 with a bookcase for bookboxes.

Writing Center..ALL types of PAPERS and tools.
Table for writing is next to this.

Classroom Library Books.
I have 3 libraries. AR library, Bookboxes (leveled), and Classroom Books (themes).

My MATH board. Math calendar EVERYDAY.
This s where I do my math minilessons for Guided Math.

No teacher desk. LOVE my teacher table.

Sometimes messy...sometimes clean! :)
Red stools from IKEA. LOVE THEM!

Partner chairs for reading & writing!
New Focus WALL !

Carpet area.

Desks in groups of 4 ( a couple in groups of 6 ).
All are "anchored" with a bookcase.

I hope you like it!
I am always changing it!
I will post pictures as I go! 

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