Winter, February,the CRUD, and a FREEBIE! :)

Boy..How is it already FEBRUARY??
We had the "crud" over Christmas when we started feeling better..
it was JANUARY! Now...???  It's FEBRUARY!
So now that I am feeling better...
things are finally coming together!

I have made some new packets to share with YOU!
FREEBIE at the end...keep looking! :)

It is still WINTER!
Those of you on the East know this best of ALL!
Here is my newest packet
click HERE to see it in my TPT store

Here are some PREVIEWS...

WOW! LOTS of action for kiddos!
My class LOVES this packet!

Then as we move into FEBRUARY...YES FEBRUARY...
The "LOVE" blossoms in ALL of us! share the LOVE...
I have a BUNDLE of 6 packets...YES..I said 6 packets!

All of these are available in my store...individually...BUT now available in a BUNDLE!
Click HERE to get the BUNDLE!
Here's a preview...

AND an EXCLUSIVE Packet...only AVAILABLE in this BUNDLE!

WOW! All that!
What a wonderful FEBRUARY BUNDLE!

Here you go...
Fluency  Word  Practice for FEBRUARY!

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