Monkey Math Update!

I thought I knew what I wanted to do with it.

My students needed more 


The worksheets were NOT enough!

So...what to do? What to do?

I created...MONKEY  MATH!

20  Common Core Standards
Practiced DAILY!
No Paper, no ink, no printing needed!
(After you make the MONKEY MATH task cards)


What I initially thought ..


I moved the wall, and made a game!
My kiddos LOVE a game!

                The kiddos LOVE  using their whiteboards!        Moved MONKEY MATH to the wall!

           Made MUST DO's & MAY Do's  for the week.
              Monkey Math is now a MUST DO!

The game:

Roll the dice. Write the number at the top of the page. Roll 2 dice. Write the number at the top of the page.  After they have 4 numbers, they use their white boards to write the answers to the corresponding MONKEY MATH cards.
The dice only give them a number to choose from. When they get four choices, they answer them!
Monkey Math has 20 task cards. 
So on Friday they can choose to do numbers higher than 12 ( two dice)...
Clear as mud? game we are inventing it as we go! :)

Working with partners! 

Dice, partners, white boards... MONKEY MATH!


Here is my MATH board. 
(Don't look at the messy headphones..haven't found a good home for them..YET!)
Just bought the magnetic place value pieces..AMAZON.. ( LOVE THEM )!

And so....we continue.

Monkey Math.
Math practice without the worksheets!

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