Nibits for Newbies..A Weekly Series 7.19.15

I am beginning a weekly series called...

" Nibits for Newbies"


New Teachers.
New to Grade Level.
New to  a School.
NOT a New Teacher...Just Like to Learn NEW things!

This is for YOU! 

Today's Tip...

Before passing out ANYTHING,
make a class  name chart.
 First names only  in alphabetical order.
Assign EACH student a number , try to stay in sequential order.
(I know, "AMY" moves & "Xavier" takes her number.)

Oh well! There is no PERFECT!

When passing out class sets of ANYTHING,
Books, notebooks, journals, glue sticks, crayon packs...

Write a number on each item.

When you pass them out.. count!

When YOU collect class sets of anything...collect items from the LAST number first.
( All items will have number 1 on top & last number on the bottom! )

When we finish a theme book  & I need to exchange for a different one...COUNT!

Trade  the theme 1 book for a theme 2 book!

Again ...Count from largest to smallest..1 will always be on top!

I found a glue stick LID on the floor!
WHO does is belong to?
It belongs to number_____!
(Make sure you number the glue stick & the lid..they always seperate!)

So I hope this helps you when getting supplies ready for the beginning of school!

Leave me a comment...How do YOU  account for classroom supplies?

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