Wordless Wednesday

It's that time again!
Wordless Wednesday!
I'm linking up with 
Wordless Wednesday.

What new books have YOU been reading?


  1. This looks like an interesting read! There are always those kiddos that struggle with this and it's very important to learn and master!!
    Keep Calm and Love First Grade

  2. Lovely to meet you via the linky :-) No books but lots of articles relating to special educational needs and the new regulations coming in this month in England :-( This is going to be a bumpy ride I think!
    Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

  3. Sadly I have yet to read a book since school started. I have a bag of them in my bedroom from school and new pleasure novel on my kindle
    Kovescence of the Mind

  4. I bought Bringing Words to Life in mid-August and started to read it. I should have purchased it in June, because I didn't get far! I really would like to apply some of what's in the book, but I can't seem to find time to finish it! Have a great week!
    Laughter and Consistency

  5. I have the newest Guided Reading book but life has slowed me down from finishing it! Never heard of the one you posted though, going to look it up!


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