I confess...

I am linking up with 
Jennifer at Rowdy in First Grade

Shhh....don't tell ANYONE...
1. I eat chocolate when my kids are working!
NO...I don't share!
2. I have NO lesson plans since Spring Break!
Who wants to see "Review" & "Assess"?
3. I never correct homework!
I look at it, mental check, & recycle!
Do I care if Mom & Dad can do grade 1 work?
4. Don't open a cabinet...not sure what's in there! 
Until Summer when I clean!
5. When "boss" is at meetings,
Big NO NO w/o permission!
Bad teacher, bad teacher!

So, I feel renewed...relaxed...rejuvinated!
I think I will find something new I got at the TPT sale...
and color print & laminate!
oooooo...gonna get in trouble! HAHA  :)


  1. You color printing laminating fool!!!! I love that is your deep dark confession. Bring your stuff to me anytime---- they leave the laminate machine unattended in our lounge. :)

  2. LOL! I eat chocolate too. Walking around the room munching on Hershey Kisses. When they say "No fair!" I tell them when they grow up and work hard they too can eat chocolate whenever they want. Love #2 too!

  3. I have a chocolate stash in my drawer...and I definitely do not share!!
    -Elyse @ A is for Apples

  4. Our HW goes straight in the recycling, too! So many of my kids tell me their older sibling "helped" them. I'm not sure helped is the right word. ;)


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