Wordless Wednesday...April 23

We have a fun tradition in our family at EASTER.
What traditions do you want to share with your 
next generations?
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  1. OOO I want to be in your family! I love scratch tickets. My family always goes to the movies the night before Thanksgiving and it's something I want to continue.
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  2. We do scratch off Instant Lottery Tickets for the adult family members, too, and little treasures in hidden plastic eggs for the little ones...i hope my boys will continue the tradition when I can no longer do it.

  3. I want to share with them the importance of family, no matter what it is family is important. We need to be there to love and support each other.
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  4. That is a fun tradition! I have heard of some families hiding money in the eggs and sometimes they have a golden egg that has the big money prize! That would be fun too. :)
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