Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Goals...A LINKY

OK..I admit it...
I am NOT good with New Year's Resolutions...
I usually fall apart around February...
Jessica at First Grade Nest
is having a LINKY!

So here I go!
And there's MORE! ( ????...Fingers Crossed)

I would LOVE to be "comfortable" with Common Core.
 I will try to create creative & innovative lessons that are 
"developmentally appropriate" for my firsties.

I would like to "reread" the multitude of Professional Books
 I already have & implement the lessons
from the "professionals".

I really want to lose some weight. 
( I know...same story new year)
But, as I get older, it gets HARDER!
I mean REALLY harder!
So...this is MY year! 
NO "amounts"...just less...:)

I want to keep a positive outlook.
Sometimes I take things TOO Personally
and then I get down.
Not this year!
ALL is Good!

I have NEVER been to the East Coast 
of the USA in the FALL!
I would love to see the FALL COLORS!
Possibly this FALL!

I like food. 
Not SUPER SPICY, but most!
So I think I would like to try more Vegetarian meals.
Get my tastebuds to enjoy "Greens" again!

I would LOVE to learn how to do
I would love to write with the "pens & ink"..
The swirls, the beautiful form...
Yep! I would LOVE that!

I want to give up worrying about
what everyone else "thinks".
I can only worry about me!
(And my family, and my job, and...)

I love spending time with my family.
I want to spend more time 
with hubby.
He is my rock!
I love having my grandkids around!
I think we need to have a visit!

I would LOVE for my TPT store to reach a
To be able to say "I DID IT!"
Would be incredible!

So that's me in a nutshell!
Now, it's your turn!



Happy Sunday!
Just for you...

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Friday, December 27, 2013

New Products!

Just a little FYI..
I am on a ROLL!
(I didn't produce ANYTHING in the month of
I keep thinking of ALL these things my kiddos could use..
AND then I MAKE them.
So ...
here's my preview to you!
(Click on each cover pic to take you to my store!)

My Early Finishers are going to LOVE this!


I know...Preview says Penguin Party...Changed it for a "Friend" :)

And next....

  And Last....

WOW! I think I need a nap!
When the "creative juices" flow.....
GO!!!! Hope you like them!
Check them out at my TPT store.
Leave me some LOVE! :)

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The Rollercoaster Ride!

It's almost like 2 totally different months CRAMMED together.
First there's the "school" December..teaching, testing, report cards, crafts, paperwork, glue (LOTS OF GLUE!), and getting ready for JANUARY.
The "holiday", wrapping, list-making, cooking, shopping, re-wrapping, birthday shopping ( we have 5 birthdays in December & 5 in January!), and then the
I am NOT COMPLAINING! I LOVE December!'s like a, celebrate, sleep, eat, celebrate, sleep..
(We have a "new" friend joining our family activities this advice to him...
Sleep when you can, eat all you want, and BE IN THE CAR ON TIME!)
We begin with...
THE 49er's Football game ( Great Grandpa LONG TIME 49er FAN)
Thank you 49ers for winning...made Great Grandpa HAPPY!

Christmas EVE...Chinese food...Family Fun...Cards until LATE at NIGHT
(We HAVE to go home...SANTA is coming...We have to be UP in a few hours!)

Christmas DAY...
Early at our house...THANK YOU to my family for the "LOVE"
Cook ( SOME MORE..breakfast goodies)
Then to SISTER's...more food, drink & MERRY MERRY

Kids all waiting...patiently...well, almost!
Open, play, laugh, eat, play, eat. play.....Sleep? NO! PLAY!
Then Off to MORE family MERRY MERRY!
Arrive at home just in time to ...
Then  next day....
Great Grandma's Bday is the day after CHRISTMAS...
So we go...BOWLING!
26 of us this year! ( Keeps growing every year!)
ALL of us!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Uncle & Neice

Little Ones...BUMPER BOWL!

Doesn't every little one learn to walk at the Bowling Alley?
( Notice the CHOCOLATE Lips?  She LOVES Chocolate cupcakes!) I clean put away...redistribute the Christmas decor. 
I have to...
The rollercoaster ride is NOT over. Are we at the top? Or the Bottom?
Who knows...just get in, hold on, and...
Happy Holidays!

How is your holiday? :)