The cleaning continues....

So today I finished....
I got rid of my TEACHER DESK!


( I think )...I'll let you know in a few weeks. 

Here's some pics on my progress so far.
Pocket charts on the counters for centers..bookcases seperate them.
I LOVE my new drawers on the counter!

ELA Focal Wall & Math Calendar
( I do them at different times of the day so I can move the 
chart stand ( red on the has a pocket chart for Poetry) so kiddos can slide to the MATH calendar after lunch)

And here it is..TAADAA...MY SPACE! 
Reading table. bookshelves for my supplies IN CONTAINERS...
& my Doc Camera table ( I made) on ROLLERS! 
It can move wherever I want to be & my new little 
bar stool.
 My thinking is I needed to be taller this year. 
With 30+ students their desks are farther away from me at the front.
Last year I sat at a table in front of room. 
I couldn't see the back row.
This year....I TOWER ABOVE ALL!
Not really, but I am taller on my stool,  so I can see the far back corner.
NO CHILD SHALL BE LEFT the back corner! :)
I can see you! 
Today I worked on labels & such 
SOOOO  much space! Feels good!
So ..that's it for today!  Enjoy!

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  1. That's awesome, Wendy! Love your work space!! Can't wait to get in & get mine set up tomorrow (I'll post pics!)

    Primary Inspired


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