Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Units Posted!

It's been a busy week!
I think I'm getting the COLD AGAIN! UGH!
Those of us who work in the 'germ-infested world" of  PRIMARY GRADES...
know the GREEN _____ that is wiped on their sleeves
at the reading table...IS NOT GOOD FOR THE TEACHER!
(Sometimes, there is just NOT enough SANITIZER in the world...)
and it comes AGAIN!
What do we do? We pull up our "BIG GIRL PANTIES" and..
sit down at the computer and... WORK!
 My pile of used tissues is getting taller..
 Please check these CAREFULLY...
my computer has been "sanitized"
 but my nose & my eyballs don't seem to be in sync.
Anyway... here are some of the new packets for you
. MY kiddos love them!
Happy Weekend..
( I need to get some HOT sore throat,too.)
GREAT! :(  
                                                               Grade 1 CA Treasures Unit 4 REVIEW



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