Hall Pass Linky!

OK, so I'm going to bed...and I think, I'll check tings out one last time...AND WHAM!
I am invited to a LINKY PARTY...who can resist?
Here goes....
My favorite product right now is my Book Club Packet. I have a group of pretty high readers this year.
(In addtion to a group of NON READERS... at 127 days of 1st grade...LOTS OF ISSUES)
Anyways, I felt bad for my reading group. High decodability but not a lot of comprehension practice. SO...
I created a packet ( which they love to do) for ANY book they read...which I LOVE.
Here it is...
Picture  tomorrow...
I LOVE my Guided Reading Table! That's where MAGIC happens! I love to hear kids read. They get so excited when they say " Hey I already read that!"  That book was TOO easy!
LOVE to hear those words!
I count backwards from 10-1 and then gently RING my DRAGONFLY CHIMES..dollar store chimes I found years ago.
If they are ALL in their seats & "ready to learn"...they get a class star. After 10 stars, we get a class treat. We vote on our goal...extra recess, hangman, popcorn party, etc. They are pretty good at getting themselves where they need to be.
I also use the CLIP CHART behavior plan.  LOVE THIS!
My autistic student is OCD about it!
I also give "BLURT" cards to any student who speaks out when they should be raising their hand or listening. Haven't given them out in a while, but I had a few boys who BLURTED OUT a LOT!  Not too much anymore.
I drink coffee! I roast my own coffee beans at home...don't like the 'other' stuff...so I bring my own coffee.
 Hubby & I carpool ( saves gas $ ) and I'm cheap. I bring my coffee and he drives. I relax on the way before the chaos.
We have grown kids so I don't have to get ANYONE out the door anymore. You would think I would be early..
NOPE!  My coffee and some good country music I can sing with in the car. Great way to start the day!
That's about it. Me in a nutshell. Link up at :


  1. Just found your blog through Tonya's Treats giveaway!! I'm your newest follower!


  2. Thanks! Come back often!
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Just found your blog..too cute ! I'm excited to be your newest follower :)

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  4. We are your newest follower. Guided reading tables are the best, you're right!

  5. We are your newest follower! Love the garden theme!

  6. Great Hall Pass!! I did one too, please stop on by if you get a chance! I'm your newest follower!
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