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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Giveaway! AND GARDENING! (My 2 fav things!)

OK...so I LOVE to garden...Not flowers & sweet smelling stuff...
FOOD! I love to go out to my 4 gardens & pick EVERYTHING I need to make a salad, or salsa, or friut salad, etc
I love to search for tomato worms ( Nasty creatures) at sundown in the summer!
I Love my GARDEN! So....

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Just sharing the LOVE!
Granddaughter getting teeth!  (By now she has 6-7 teeth)...too cute!
Just sharing our cutie ( 1 of 3 ) granddughter!
....she's getting ready to have her 1st BDAY! ALREADY!
WOW!  ( And then US Navy moving them from CA  to VIRGINIA! ) :(
I am saving my "points"...This NANA can FLY!!! :)  Happy Thursday!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hall Pass Linky!

OK, so I'm going to bed...and I think, I'll check tings out one last time...AND WHAM!
I am invited to a LINKY PARTY...who can resist?
Here goes....
My favorite product right now is my Book Club Packet. I have a group of pretty high readers this year.
(In addtion to a group of NON READERS... at 127 days of 1st grade...LOTS OF ISSUES)
Anyways, I felt bad for my reading group. High decodability but not a lot of comprehension practice. SO...
I created a packet ( which they love to do) for ANY book they read...which I LOVE.
Here it is...
Picture  tomorrow...
I LOVE my Guided Reading Table! That's where MAGIC happens! I love to hear kids read. They get so excited when they say " Hey I already read that!"  That book was TOO easy!
LOVE to hear those words!
I count backwards from 10-1 and then gently RING my DRAGONFLY CHIMES..dollar store chimes I found years ago.
If they are ALL in their seats & "ready to learn"...they get a class star. After 10 stars, we get a class treat. We vote on our goal...extra recess, hangman, popcorn party, etc. They are pretty good at getting themselves where they need to be.
I also use the CLIP CHART behavior plan.  LOVE THIS!
My autistic student is OCD about it!
I also give "BLURT" cards to any student who speaks out when they should be raising their hand or listening. Haven't given them out in a while, but I had a few boys who BLURTED OUT a LOT!  Not too much anymore.
I drink coffee! I roast my own coffee beans at home...don't like the 'other' stuff...so I bring my own coffee.
 Hubby & I carpool ( saves gas $ ) and I'm cheap. I bring my coffee and he drives. I relax on the way before the chaos.
We have grown kids so I don't have to get ANYONE out the door anymore. You would think I would be early..
NOPE!  My coffee and some good country music I can sing with in the car. Great way to start the day!
That's about it. Me in a nutshell. Link up at :


New HFW Word game!
New twist on an old game.
ALL  of the Grade 1 CA Treasures HFW in 1 game!
STINGER cards ( instead of BANG cards)
 QUEEN BEE cards ( get 2 extra cards)
* REMEMBER....If the QUEEN BEE is happy...the HIVE  is happy!
Here it is!


Quick Thank YOU!
Q Harris from Teacher's Headquarters just sent me this!


New Units Posted!

It's been a busy week!
I think I'm getting the COLD AGAIN! UGH!
Those of us who work in the 'germ-infested world" of  PRIMARY GRADES...
know the GREEN _____ that is wiped on their sleeves
at the reading table...IS NOT GOOD FOR THE TEACHER!
(Sometimes, there is just NOT enough SANITIZER in the world...)
and so...here it comes AGAIN!
What do we do? We pull up our "BIG GIRL PANTIES" and..
sit down at the computer and... WORK!
 My pile of used tissues is getting taller..
 Please check these CAREFULLY...
my computer has been "sanitized"
 but my nose & my eyballs don't seem to be in sync.
Anyway... here are some of the new packets for you
. MY kiddos love them!
Happy Weekend..
( I need to get some HOT tea...now sore throat,too.)
GREAT! :(  
                                                               Grade 1 CA Treasures Unit 4 REVIEW




                                                                                   Across the Pond


What is your true color? A linky!

Hey everyone!  Join the linky party to find our your true personality colors! It's funny to find out the colors of "others" who are important in your life ( family, coworkers, etc)!  Link up & see what you find!
So click the pic below to get the test. It is just one little page long and then you have to do some quick math. That is it! The rest of the sheets gives you more details on the colors:
Then I thought, wouldn't it be fun to learn other blogger's color(s)?

So I ask you this question:

Here are all the colors:

My color? I'm a gold-
Here is some of what I am all about ;)
Value responsibility and sense of DUTY above all else
Will follow through at all costs, dependable, true
Good at organizing vague, random thoughts and putting things into action
Detail oriented, predictable
Focus on the “here and now”
Join In the Fun!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Giveaway! BIGGIE!

Wow! 700 followers! I can't wait to get to 100...
700  is like.....FAR, FAR   away!
Come on in & enter a GREAT GIVEAWAY!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting Ready for Report Cards

Are you getting ready for report cards? Just need a quick math assessment
to see how your firsties are doing?
Here's a quick & easy one!
* Suggestions....either run the packet back-to-back ( save paper )...
Use with Doc Camera & white boards!  NO PAPER NEEDED!
Either way, useful assessment for instruction, preview, review, small groups, etc.


Sunday, February 17, 2013


Just a quick game for student's to practice HFW!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine Dinner with FAMILY

My poor kids! I know they wanted to go out & have dinner with their spouses' on Valentine's Day, BUT....
So.... wear your red, bring a red or pink food & COME SHARE THE LOVE... AT MY HOUSE!
And they did...All 25 of us! I did offer to babysit on ANOTHER night if they wanted to go out!
I just wanted us all together before we all go our seperate ways ( US NAVY transfering my son & his wife to EAST COAST!) I HAVE to start saving my points for airline tickets...So,
I wanted us ALL for dinner! Was fantastic! Great Food, Lots of laughs, and Lots of Love in our house!
Just wanted to share...
Hope your day was full of LOVE too!

New Post..... FLIP IT #2

Just finished!
Stop by TPT & check out my newest item!


OMG!   I thought I MIGHT have 50 followers by MAY!
YOU guys are AMAZING!
TALK about POSITIVE reinforcement!
To Thank ALL of you....
Here is a SPRING FREEBIE! My kiddos LOVE to play BANG!
Here is a BUTTERFLY themed one for you...time to BRING ON SPRING! :)
THANKS  AGAIN!  ( ANYONE for 100) ????  hehehe

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

FREE Preview

Good Morning!
It's ALMOST Valentine's Day!
I hope you & your sweetie will have a FANTASTIC day!
I won't be posting tomorrow...working ALL day ( and tutoring after school) & then having
ALL MY KIDS, GRANDKIDS , Great-Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles & Cousins ( about 25 people)
for Dinner!
  Red & Pink Foods ONLY!
I will post pictures later...
Here's a preview of my newest item!
Word family Word Rings!  I LOVE THESE!
I use them with whole group, small group, individuals, etc..
Print on different colored paper to help organize! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
Here is a FREE Preview for you! Leave me some LOVE & tell me what you think!
Check them out on my stores...:)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mid-Winter Blues

I don't know about you, but I would love it if spring
would drop by for a visit right about now.
You can enter to win some great prizes.
I have donated:
Stop by and leave some LOVE!




I have been going VALENTINE CRAZY!
Between TPT, TN, & Pinterest....VALENTINE'S DAY needs to be a whole MONTH!
I cannot use ALL the goodies I have ( or WANT TO HAVE)  in one day, week, month! :)
So... Have some MORE! 
  Happy Valentine's Day... Leave me some LOVE!
PS.....Pictures coming later this week..
My WHOLE family ( 25+ ) will be here for VALENTINE'S DINNER!
Only RED & Pink foods allowed! 
 Always interesting...PINK Deviled EGGS?! :) 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Top 'o the Mornin' to Ya!

Ok....OK.... a little EARLY! BUT....
(Just sharin' the Love...a little early maybe?!)
OK....Have  a FREEBIE...We IRISH folk are NEVER too early :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Finally DONE! Long i Mini-Unit

I have been working hard to get ahead!
 Kind of like that mouse on a wheel...running, running, running...BUT?
OK, I am finally ONE STEP ahead. (OK, 1/2 a step).
Here is my next mini-unit.
LONG i  ( -ind, ight, -y)
Hope it helps!

Valentine FREEBIE

Just a quickie!
My kiddos have been BOMBARDED with new vocabulary and spelling words in the past month...SO...
I made a practice page to work on fluency for spelling patterns & new vocabulary.
Freebie on my TPT store!
Don't forget to follow my BLOG & my TPT store!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daddy's home...more pics

Huge Thank You to:
OMG!    The best pics!
Mommy & Daddy US NAVY! :)

Welcome Home!

Daddy's Home!
Just a shout out to the US NAVY!
Thank you for bringing home my son safely from 6 month deployment.
His wife & 10 month old daughter are happy to have him home.
We are too!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Newest teacher?

I LOVE the fact that my 3 year old  granddaughter
to her 7 day old sister!
( Makes a grandma teacher proud!) :)

Happy Girls!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


                             A Freebie!                          

WInner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Wow! I have decided that I really know what.
"If you don't ENTER....you can't WIN!" really means!
I entered everything I could....AND....
Thank You so much for the goodies!
Stop by and follow these wonderful bloggies!
I DID! :)

New mini Unit! LONG O ( _o, _ow, _oa_ )

Come by & check out my newest mini unit!
(Just in time for Superbowl sales!)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Why "y"??? New items!

What a CRAZY week!
You know those weeks when you have TOOOOOO many things on your plate?
Well...it's been one of those weeks. It's OK TGIF!
Goo tings happening this week...My new granddaughter is soo cute ( 10 days old today), Son # 1 almost done with student teaching, daughter begins SONOGRAPHY school on Monday, & (drumroll, please.....).
SON # 3 comes home from 6 month US NAVY deployment this week! ( sniff..sniff)
He gets to see his wife ( of 6 1/2 months), and his 9 month old daughter! When he left, his "little bundle of joy" was ...
A LUMP ! ( a cute lump...but a lump) NOW.....she is beginnng to stand by herself ( we wouldn't let her walk before DADDY comes home) and she has the BEST GIGGLES! They skpye with us & visit when they can!
ANYWAYS....DADDY gets to hug & kiss his family this coming week! SOOOO excited!
OK...back to work!
Two new products on my stores this week...check out both TPT & TN!
TPT  SALE this weekend! 20% off ( and more!)
As we are CALIFORNIA Natives.....GO NINERS! :)
Thanks to all of my followers!
Happy Superbowl!
                                                   It's Easy Being Green! ( Long e..-e -ee -ea)