What A Wild Week...and it's only WEDNESDAY!

What a wild week! (And it's only Wednesday!) I am trying to get ready for 2 sub days next week ( trainings), complete our district benchmark assessments ( first teach the last theme...and review from the last 6 weeks- remind the kiddos what they learned BEFORE Christmas vacation. ( They did learn...remember??) , plan when to give the writing assessment ( with me NOT a sub), AND we began morning work...trying to stay consistent, even when I am NOT there! WOW...makes me tired just writing it! I also need to get ready to teach Marting Luther King ( next week when I'm not there), get planned to teach five days of a new Unit... in 4 days, and correct the benchmark assessments & put scores in the computer. OK, OK....I give! No wonder I don't sleep anymore....I do have to laugh though,,,I woke up the other morning, 3AM I think, and my fingers were moving like they were typing on my computer! I even think of this stuff in my sleep....if only I could print.:) Anyways, LOTS to do. I know I will spend WAY TOO MANY hours getting ready & it will all get done. It's what we do! Thanks for listening! Happy New Year to ALL! (& to all a goodnight!)
PS...I have been nominated for a Liebster AWARD! Twice!
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