I am feeling GOOD!
You know those days when you have reading groups, a meeting to attend, a holiday approaching, and a ...3-day weekend ? Those dayscan be a LITTLE STRESSFUL....or...I AM READY! :) Lesson plans?  DONE!  Small group plans?  DONE!  SUB plans? DONE!  MLK  craftivity....READY! AND.....I can see the bottom of my desk! YES!!!!!
WOW!   Somebody pinch me! Is this a dream?  NOPE! I am on my "A" game.....Why?  WHO KNOWS!! Just go with it!
SO....Here's my FREEBIE for all who follow!
We begin ai/ay next week...(Check out my Rain, rain go away on TPT) Here you go!
Have a great THURSDAY... (sh....don't tell anyone....IT'S  A  3-DAY WEEKEND!) HIP HIP HOORAY!

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