A little bit of this, and a little bit of that!

Wow...I  just got the last of the Halloween candy put thrown away, when wham! The turkey needs to be stuffed & get out the Christams tree from the attic! The holidays seem to have appeared in a FLASH! BUT.....I"M NOT READY! I think as I get older  age  gracefully, time flies by! STOP! I want to enjoy each and every day! I am a Grandma now to two beautiful girls, and have another little granddaughter on the way after the first of the year! I want to pounce and hold on to each and every day.  Our little Zoe is crawling, and teething, and ....I don't want it to FLY BY! Payton turned 3 this week! OMG! She was just a baby when she entered our hearts. Bella will be here in Jan. SO much new and exciting things happening...I want the world to STOP spinning for a while. I want to hug , and laugh, and sing with our next generation! I'm not ready for them to grow up..or me, either. SO....I am slowing my life down. I chose to make (at least) 1 memory each and every day. I think I have neglected put other things first in front of my #1 choice...hubby. I think today... we will make a memory. Then on to the rest of the family (kids & grandkids). To all of you who need to STOP! Do it! Go out and ........MAKE A MEMORY! Make it a good one!


  1. Love how you write! I am new to blogging and your lastest follower :) I recently got nominated for the Liebster Award and have decided to nominate you too! WOOHOO!

    Check out my blog for all the details.

    Keep smiling,
    from Well, Michelle?

  2. Thank YOU! Congrats! wendy


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