Monday, October 29, 2012


Ok...back to work...Silent e has always been a problem with my firsties. I have 18 of 31 EL students. We spend a LOT of time on short vowels & then WHAM! Let's change EVERYTHING I taught you! Sorry kids..I know ..the English Language is weird.SO....Let's see if we can help them. This packet will help with the MAGIC "E"...check it out at my TPT store! Happy Monday!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

WOW! What a week! Woke up with a humongous slight sore throat on Tuesday. (I DO work in a GERM INFESTED work place!) Thought I might have raised my voice  done too much DIRECTED teaching this week. NOOOOOO....
Woke up Thursday with.....NO VOICE! Great, first grade, the week before Halloween ( I am WAYYY too behind in my Pumpkin Projects) and I have no voice. So what's a teacher to do? ( NO WAY AM I STAYING HOME....SUB plans take too long to make!) I go to school. I don't feel bad ( slight major sore throat, but coffee cures everything, right?) so off I go. I am SURE my kids have ALL of our daily routines down, by now ( day 46 of school), so I should be able to use hand signals & chimes , bells, etc to control them....???? Maybe????  Cough.Cough.  My principal says I must go home..I am a hazard to students, should someone get hurt I cannot get them help. So we call for a sub. WHAT? NO SUBS in our whole district? 12 classes in district with NO SUBS!!!??? So I stay...until lunch when our 1/2 time VP gets to our site, so SHE can teach my students until they go home. (OMG! Lesson plans for my VP!!!??? HURRY!  Check TE, run off ALL extras, surely she will do EVERYTHING in the program ..even the parts I skip professionally choose NOT to.) We did OK for the morning. They only asked me 100 times "What do I do?" My hand signal reply "Write your name at the TOP!" Partner work. MORE partner work. Read, read, write, write, STATIONS! YES! Thank goodness for ....MUSIC! OK, I surrender. Being quiet is MUCH harder than talking explaining. I go home. Doc appointment at 4:00. I have 3 hours at home with no one there. Should I nap? Go over my lesson plan book that OF COURSE I brought home, Not ready for HALLOWEEN WEEK! Should I ....clean the something constructive? NO!!! PINTEREST to the rescue! I knew I'd feel better...Doc says I have laryngitis. Drink fluids, don't talk. OK, Doc. My mouth is closed but my fingers are flying on the keyboard! Never a dull moment! Feeling better, though I DO have to get something accomplished today...laundry? Mow lawn? Get groceries? Nah...I think I need to cut out pumpkin books for next week's writing center. No Prob!
(Update...I hear my new student , #30, had a slight problem, during class...good to know my VP will appreciate the "real world" of the first grade classroom!) I think I will be welcomed back on Monday.
To those of us who put our students before EVERTHING else...

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

May Do's

( This little goodie will help with the "I'M DONE!" syndrome! After you cut apart & laminte,put magnets on the back & put on a cookie sheet ( You can change what you want them to do daily!) Don't make MORE work for yourself...because, they are NEVER DONE! :)
What a week this has been! I have opened a Teachers Pay Teachers Store, a Pinterest board, a new Facebook page, a new Teacher's Notebook store, AND I have been creating fun & exciting products for Halloween & Thanksgiving! ( Good thing we are on Fall break...vacation ) Once I go back to work next week...I will need  have to sleep!  Lots of new items, games, pocket chart activiites, and packets for the classroom & HOME! For those of my friends who have young kids or want some things for them to do on rainy, cold, weekends... ENJOY!  I am working on spelling packets for my friends in the classroom & some fun holiday games & stations to keep the learning going on ...when the class is "literally" bouncing off the walls. :) Happy Fall to ALL! Keep following me . never know what will be next!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Now on Teachers Notebook...

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We have been working on blends..
It is hard for my non-readers & EL students.
So....I made a game to help us practice!
 If you would like to use it..please feel FREE! Enjoy.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

For my friends and family who have been waiting PATIENTLY...
Check out my TPT store, Facebook page,Pinterest board, and here, my beautiful blog.
Remember to leave me comments...and follow me! Hugs!
For those who wait..


I am finally OPEN!

Wow! What a week...paperwork finished! I thought teaching required a lot of paperwork! Oh,NO..I kept the entire county employed this week. Opening a small business is a paperwork...MOUNTAIN! Going from one office to another, to another, to another...But, I am finally OPEN! Now I can focus on creating ALL the wonderful things my fellow teachers have been asking for. TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS store is open. I will be adding things daily. Facebook is up and running, Pinterest boards are "pinning" away.:) Whew...good thing we are on FALL break. I need a rest...Yeah,right.:) Thanks again to all who have followed me and to those who will. WELCOME to the family!

Monday, October 1, 2012

This "Ticket" is used to keep my first graders accountable for STATION (centers) time. We get approximately 30-40 minutes daily for ELA independent work time.My STATIONS are part of my Daily 5. My students have a STATIONS folder, where we keep all work and our TICKET, for the week. I copy these ( 2 on a page for ease) in black & white. My kids color them in as they complete them during the week.Usually, they can complete 1 1/2 - 2 stations per day. If they do NOT complete a station during the alloted time, they color in HALF. The next day they must start there to complete it. On Friday, we check ALL folders. I have a "helper" staple all work in the folder to the ticket. If ALL work stations are completed, they can use Friday to play the STATION games ( no accountability for station games).If stations are  not completed...they finish station WORK on Friday! They are becoming more aware of "time management". I use a timer on my doc camera so they know how much time they have left each day. I use the Read with Teacher station to do my guided reading and/or assessments.
 I hope you can use this to help with the movement & accountability of students.