Monday, December 31, 2012

What A Christmas!

Our family Chrostmas extends over a week or so....LOTS of family members, in-law families, and out-of-town family. We are SOOO lucky to be able to touch (HUG) each & every one of them at Christmas time ...except for one ( son #3 in US NAVY on deployment...home soon!) BUT...we have his wife & our granddaughter here for one week! I get to do ALL of the GRANDMA SPOILING I can! I let her sleep on me ( instead of her bed, I get to give her bubble baths WHENEVER!, & I totally threw her off of her wonderful daily schedule...OH, well! THAT'S WHAT GRANDMA'S ARE FOR! As a teacher , I am trying to instill in her the love of BOOKS! SO ...SANTA brought her A LOT! HAHA. So much fun watching her grow. Merry Christmas to ALL & A Happy New Year to one & ALL! See you next year! :)


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Sunday, December 16, 2012
    We are observing a day of Blogging silence, as a way to honor and remember those lost.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Hard to Grow UP!

  Sometimes, it's just plain HARD to grow UP!
 Babies crawl before they walk, you have to walk before you run, and as you age...your body FIGHTS BACK!
As a Grandma, I am aging. I have had 4 kids, and now they are having their own families! (Wow...that i just sooo wierd to say...seems like yesterday I was changing their diapers........) ANYWAY...As I was taking care of my newest granddaughter this week, my body fought back! Aching shoulders (lifting 18 lbs. of baby, aching back ( you want me to crawl on the ....ground?) "OK!", and the funniest part, the little scratches on my chin from her nails ( didn't think to cut them until after scratches). But would I change a thing? NO WAY! I think once you are a are a mother for life. I think that's what makes good teachers. We know our job of nurturing children doesn't leave at the door. We care about kids. We care if they have food to eat, if they have friends to play with, and if they are having a good day or not. Sure we care about the "TEST SCORES!" ( not so much as OTHERS CARE ABOUT THE SCORES)...but we want to make kind-hearted, productive PEOPLE.  As my granddaughter returns home with her mommy ( who by the way was VERY happy to be home again)  I am happy and sad. I am happy that I have a granddaughter who CAN come stay with me. And I am sad...I will miss the little scratches on my chin where we cuddled when I gave her a bottle. That little MATERNAL instinct never goes onto the ice pack so the sore back will go away! So here's to those who care...all of us! Enjoy your week. Wendy


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy "Family Days"

I am taking a little time to be a Grandma this week! I hope to have some new items to add to my blog and my shops by the end of the week. We are babysitting my granddaughter this week, and I have forgotten HOW much time it takes to have a little one! I had forgotten how many things you can do ...with one hand! I was feeling so impressed with myself..I can hold a baby on one hip, make hot water in micro, unscrew AND take lid off bottle with one hand, AND pour milk into bottle...WITHOUT spilling! WOWZA! I don't think I will EVER  moan or groan about a parent with young children, being late for a meeting again! They should be commended for arriving AT ALL! So, having fun, taking a million pictures, and enjoying the week. IF she goes to sleep on time (she slept ALL night last night ) I may get some time to create some products. We will see.
 Happy "Family Days" to you and yours. 


Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Liebster Nominees:
(I will continue to add...I NEED to go shopping...back later)

I have been nominated for a Liebster Award!

Thank You, Michelle at Well,Michelle? for nominating me for the Liebster Award!!   I ,too,  was a little skeptical, but this is a great way for me to meet other new bloggers too..., so  YEAH!!!  This award is given to new bloggers with 200 followers or less (that's me).  You should check out Michelle's  blog - and her TPT store!

And the rules are:
1. Post 11 random things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions the nominator set for you.
3. Create 11 questions for your nominees.
4. Choose 11 other blogs with fewer than 200 followers to nominate and link them to your post.
5. Leave a comment on this post if you were nominated so I can learn more about you and see who you nominate.

My  Randoms:

1.  I married my high school sweetheart. We actually started "dating" when we were 14.

2.  I  roast my own green coffee beans fresh coffee!

3.  I  have 2 sisters who are also primary teachers. At one time we all taught first grade in the same district. We look alike...was so much fun to mess district people up at meetings! They never could figure out WHO they were talking too!

4. I have 4 grown children....twin boys, "middle child" son, and youngest daughter. They are now adding to our family tree. 2 granddaughters & 1 on the way!

5. Being a Grandma is SOOOOOO much fun! All those fun things I did NOT do with my kids...I have been given a second chance  to REDO them! So fun! ( I think finger-painting with pudding, making cookies "just because"...and FROSTING THEM!)

6. We have a "muscle car" Mustang in the garage. ( Hubby bonds with it daily) Not too much driving, but when I drive it...I LIKE TO DRIVE IT...... FAST!.. Not a gas saver, BUT IT SOUNDS GREAT!  (OK as I say, NOT AS I DO!)

7. I like Christmas decorations put up the day after Thanksgiving...and taken down on Jan. 2.

8. We have removed most of the grass in our suburban backyard and remade it into raised planters for our MASSIVE garden. We grow EVERYTHING to make our own salsa. And then we do!

9. Hubby canned 12 GALLONS of salsa this year and 4 gallons of spaghetti sauce. (Again..HUBBY canned, me NOT so much in the kitchen.

10. I make a FANTASTIC picante with my fresh garden produce...secret ingredient....dill pickle juice!

11. I don't do CARDS....I know, weird. I just can't get into the whole buy a gift, attach a card, mail a card, etc. I will call you, text you, come by your house, card. Birthday presents  & Christmas presents have your name on a label. No cards...unless I'm forced to by my KIDS!

For my nominees -- My questions:
1. How did you get started in the blogging world?
I got started in the blogging world, after  stalking  following many of my favorite blogs for about a year! I thought I'd jump in this year. It has been SOOO much fun!
2. If you weren't a teacher/educator/your current occupation, what would you be?
I would probably be a nurse or something else in the "helping" profession. As the "oldest" child, I tend to "mother" EVERYONE! Ask my sisters...

3. You had to choose: sense of smell or sense of taste.
OH..It's all about the SMELL

4. From the TPT store, what is your favorite freebie that you created?
My favorite FREEBIE (so far) is probably my "Who Put the -er in DECEMBER". (I made it after my sister went out to lunch with me and brought her DECEMBER BINDER! She is so organized (wayyyy too many things going at one time) , but seems to be on top of it! So I thought I'd try to help a TPT way!

5. From the TPT store, what is your favorite freebie that someone else created?
I am into binders...and labels...and I guess that would be any of those FANTASTIC creations!

6. If you could visit any place in the world, and money was no object, where would it be?
Any  sandy beach.I say that because someone took me to a beach where there were only ROCKS! ROCKS . No sand:(
I need my chair, a book, a cold beverage, and MY TOES IN THE SAND! Finding LOTS of sea shells would be nice too!( MY family can come, too)

7. What was your favorite subject in school? What was your least favorite?
My favorite subject was math ( until later- when it got HARD). Least favorite...HISTORY...not a fan of memorizing dates & places & people I didn't know or had NOTHING in common with ( History & I never made a "connection").

8. Who is your role model?
My mom. She always seems to be "on top of it". We worked together for years, we spend holidays together, and we vacations together ( not ALL, but some). I want to be like her when I grow up!

9. What time do you go to bed?
On a good night..9:00 ish. My kids will tell you "at dark"..BUT, I'm a MORNING PERSON...Love 5:00AM! My time!

10. What is your favorite reality TV show?
I don't watch a lot of TV ( Thank GOD for DVR..)  Not a reality fan...I like NCIS..Mark Harmon is still a hunk!

11. What do you want for Christmas?
You know you are "HOOKED" into blogging & TPT....All I want for Christmas is a new color printer, my own laminator, and an external hard drive. I don't think my hubby or my kids, have EVER seen my wish list look like THAT!

FOR MY NOMINEES..............................

1.   Vacation retreat.....MOUNTAINS  or    BEACH ?

2.   What is your favorite Christmas cookie to make?

3.   Name 3 places you have NOT been to, but would like to visit.

4.   Cat person  or  Dog  person? Any other animals you would prefer?

5.   When was the last time you gave someone a "hand-made" gift? What was it?

6.  What is one "lesson" you have learned from having a TPT store?

7.  If you could be your "boss", what is one "mandate" you would initiate?

8.  What is the title of the last book you  read?

9.  What is your favorite type of music? Favorite song?

10. What do you do to "turn it off" for R & R?

11. What do you want for Christmas?

Friday, November 23, 2012


 after turkey, stuffing & pumpkin pie...and walking, crunches, and lunges...
it's time to get back to work. (Well, almost).
As I CONTINUE to attempt to reinforce concepts already taught, in a timely and efficient manner....whatever!
 I want multiple concepts, on ONE page, in black & white!
Ok,ok... can't tell I have been going through the massive amount of Teacher's RESOURCE guides in my NEW reading program!?
 Who is going to look through 12 TE's to teach silent "e"?
So...if you don't see what you want...........make your own! So here my friends is a SAMPLE of my newest project. Check it out & see if you like it! Please...leave me some comments so I can improve!
FREE for awhile....:)

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that!

Wow...I  just got the last of the Halloween candy put thrown away, when wham! The turkey needs to be stuffed & get out the Christams tree from the attic! The holidays seem to have appeared in a FLASH! BUT.....I"M NOT READY! I think as I get older  age  gracefully, time flies by! STOP! I want to enjoy each and every day! I am a Grandma now to two beautiful girls, and have another little granddaughter on the way after the first of the year! I want to pounce and hold on to each and every day.  Our little Zoe is crawling, and teething, and ....I don't want it to FLY BY! Payton turned 3 this week! OMG! She was just a baby when she entered our hearts. Bella will be here in Jan. SO much new and exciting things happening...I want the world to STOP spinning for a while. I want to hug , and laugh, and sing with our next generation! I'm not ready for them to grow up..or me, either. SO....I am slowing my life down. I chose to make (at least) 1 memory each and every day. I think I have neglected put other things first in front of my #1 choice...hubby. I think today... we will make a memory. Then on to the rest of the family (kids & grandkids). To all of you who need to STOP! Do it! Go out and ........MAKE A MEMORY! Make it a good one!


24 pages of +/- math cards! Practice,practice,practice!


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More fun stuff!



Busy, busy, busy

                                                                                   Check this out!
I am putting on my newest creations! Come on by to check out all the holiday treats I have been working on!

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Sunday, November 4, 2012


It's that time again.....FREEBIE TIME!
I have had a great week! Lots accomplished... student work corrected (AND RETURNED!) , room cleaned, and I even made soup! So..LIFE IS GOOD! To help keep my positive mood,  I want to share!
Here is a little FREEBIE to start the "giving" season! ENJOY!

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Friday, November 2, 2012



My firsties are learning how to add "ACTION" to our writing! We are using "Interesting" words to make our writing more "exciting" to our readers. So.....we need movement! We stand, jump, sing, swing, and make our bodies move. Then we write those words so our readers can "feel it" not just read it! A work in progress...
Here's a FREEBIE for you to help your kids get....moving! Enjoy.FREEBIE

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Monday, October 29, 2012


Ok...back to work...Silent e has always been a problem with my firsties. I have 18 of 31 EL students. We spend a LOT of time on short vowels & then WHAM! Let's change EVERYTHING I taught you! Sorry kids..I know ..the English Language is weird.SO....Let's see if we can help them. This packet will help with the MAGIC "E"...check it out at my TPT store! Happy Monday!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

WOW! What a week! Woke up with a humongous slight sore throat on Tuesday. (I DO work in a GERM INFESTED work place!) Thought I might have raised my voice  done too much DIRECTED teaching this week. NOOOOOO....
Woke up Thursday with.....NO VOICE! Great, first grade, the week before Halloween ( I am WAYYY too behind in my Pumpkin Projects) and I have no voice. So what's a teacher to do? ( NO WAY AM I STAYING HOME....SUB plans take too long to make!) I go to school. I don't feel bad ( slight major sore throat, but coffee cures everything, right?) so off I go. I am SURE my kids have ALL of our daily routines down, by now ( day 46 of school), so I should be able to use hand signals & chimes , bells, etc to control them....???? Maybe????  Cough.Cough.  My principal says I must go home..I am a hazard to students, should someone get hurt I cannot get them help. So we call for a sub. WHAT? NO SUBS in our whole district? 12 classes in district with NO SUBS!!!??? So I stay...until lunch when our 1/2 time VP gets to our site, so SHE can teach my students until they go home. (OMG! Lesson plans for my VP!!!??? HURRY!  Check TE, run off ALL extras, surely she will do EVERYTHING in the program ..even the parts I skip professionally choose NOT to.) We did OK for the morning. They only asked me 100 times "What do I do?" My hand signal reply "Write your name at the TOP!" Partner work. MORE partner work. Read, read, write, write, STATIONS! YES! Thank goodness for ....MUSIC! OK, I surrender. Being quiet is MUCH harder than talking explaining. I go home. Doc appointment at 4:00. I have 3 hours at home with no one there. Should I nap? Go over my lesson plan book that OF COURSE I brought home, Not ready for HALLOWEEN WEEK! Should I ....clean the something constructive? NO!!! PINTEREST to the rescue! I knew I'd feel better...Doc says I have laryngitis. Drink fluids, don't talk. OK, Doc. My mouth is closed but my fingers are flying on the keyboard! Never a dull moment! Feeling better, though I DO have to get something accomplished today...laundry? Mow lawn? Get groceries? Nah...I think I need to cut out pumpkin books for next week's writing center. No Prob!
(Update...I hear my new student , #30, had a slight problem, during class...good to know my VP will appreciate the "real world" of the first grade classroom!) I think I will be welcomed back on Monday.
To those of us who put our students before EVERTHING else...

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

May Do's

( This little goodie will help with the "I'M DONE!" syndrome! After you cut apart & laminte,put magnets on the back & put on a cookie sheet ( You can change what you want them to do daily!) Don't make MORE work for yourself...because, they are NEVER DONE! :)
What a week this has been! I have opened a Teachers Pay Teachers Store, a Pinterest board, a new Facebook page, a new Teacher's Notebook store, AND I have been creating fun & exciting products for Halloween & Thanksgiving! ( Good thing we are on Fall break...vacation ) Once I go back to work next week...I will need  have to sleep!  Lots of new items, games, pocket chart activiites, and packets for the classroom & HOME! For those of my friends who have young kids or want some things for them to do on rainy, cold, weekends... ENJOY!  I am working on spelling packets for my friends in the classroom & some fun holiday games & stations to keep the learning going on ...when the class is "literally" bouncing off the walls. :) Happy Fall to ALL! Keep following me . never know what will be next!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Now on Teachers Notebook...

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We have been working on blends..
It is hard for my non-readers & EL students.
So....I made a game to help us practice!
 If you would like to use it..please feel FREE! Enjoy.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

For my friends and family who have been waiting PATIENTLY...
Check out my TPT store, Facebook page,Pinterest board, and here, my beautiful blog.
Remember to leave me comments...and follow me! Hugs!
For those who wait..


I am finally OPEN!

Wow! What a week...paperwork finished! I thought teaching required a lot of paperwork! Oh,NO..I kept the entire county employed this week. Opening a small business is a paperwork...MOUNTAIN! Going from one office to another, to another, to another...But, I am finally OPEN! Now I can focus on creating ALL the wonderful things my fellow teachers have been asking for. TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS store is open. I will be adding things daily. Facebook is up and running, Pinterest boards are "pinning" away.:) Whew...good thing we are on FALL break. I need a rest...Yeah,right.:) Thanks again to all who have followed me and to those who will. WELCOME to the family!

Monday, October 1, 2012

This "Ticket" is used to keep my first graders accountable for STATION (centers) time. We get approximately 30-40 minutes daily for ELA independent work time.My STATIONS are part of my Daily 5. My students have a STATIONS folder, where we keep all work and our TICKET, for the week. I copy these ( 2 on a page for ease) in black & white. My kids color them in as they complete them during the week.Usually, they can complete 1 1/2 - 2 stations per day. If they do NOT complete a station during the alloted time, they color in HALF. The next day they must start there to complete it. On Friday, we check ALL folders. I have a "helper" staple all work in the folder to the ticket. If ALL work stations are completed, they can use Friday to play the STATION games ( no accountability for station games).If stations are  not completed...they finish station WORK on Friday! They are becoming more aware of "time management". I use a timer on my doc camera so they know how much time they have left each day. I use the Read with Teacher station to do my guided reading and/or assessments.
 I hope you can use this to help with the movement & accountability of students.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Almost READY!

Waiting for paperwork to clear HAS TO BE  IS the absolute worst thing ever! As teachers, we work with paperwork every day. Take from a "pile" ( or new cutsie folder as I now call it) , document the contents, email to whomever needs to see it, and  recycle it (or file it for later)! I deal with LOTS of paper. BUT....I try not to keep people waiting for ME to do my end! Waiting, waiting, waiting....what is that saying about patience? I am sure I have it here SOMEWHERE, on my desk. Maybe I should spend time filing while I am waiting...??? Oh, well..We are on the path. A little bumpy at times, but I think I see the mountain tops ahead. Soon I will be up and running with new items for sale on TPT & TN. I even have accounts I didn't know existed! This "business" side of education has me up late at nights! I feel like I am back in graduate school again! I guess we NEVER stop learning! Hang with me folks, I am learning to be patient! Thanks!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


October BINGO

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

THANK YOU GOOGLE.....I'm back!

THANK YOU GOOGLE!   I am back!  YESSSSS.... I have been anxiously awaiting for my "UNLOCKING" day! THANK YOU for protecting ALL of us from icky SPAM. (We really do appreciate it!)


Well, sometimes we need to learn patience from those places we cannot control. As I am learning more and more about the "technical" side of blogging, I am reminded that PEOPLE still "rule the roost". I guess I got a little TOO excited about my newest venture. When you jump in the water, without your lifejacket, you may have to tread water for a while....A LONG WHILE! I apologize to my friends and family if you have noticed my blog is LOCKED! Apparently, GOOGLE thinks I am a SPAM blog. (TOO many contacts, too quickly). They assured me that within 2 days (of Sept. 14), they would check out my blog & UNLOCK it! Well, as you can's Sept. 23 and I am still locked! The "robots" are working overtime...I hope the humans are too. As I wait, I am creating some fun and exciting things for the classroom. I hope to have a TPT and Teacher's Notebook store(s) open soon. Well, again..patience. Thanks for staying by my side. Hope to "SEE" you soon.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

FREEBIE.....Hen's Eggs

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ouch! Fingers hurt from correcting quarter one benchmarks! ELA had 25 pages each...Math 5 pages each...
.Let's see 25 + 5 = 30, 30 pages X 30 students = 900 pages corrected & scores entered into the computer!
NO WONDER MY FINGERS HURT!!! Oh, well. Now I can go back to TEACHING! YEAH! No more intense assessments for awhile. I have learned a lot about my kids. Now I can figure out how to fill the "gaps". We all have gaps...nowon  to fill the holes. I hope to be posting some intervention lessons to help my kiddos. They might help yours too! Keep an eye on  for new and  exciting  products! Thanks to all.

Monday, September 10, 2012

What a week! We begin our first district grade level assessments. My poor firsties spent most of today testing, testing, testing. We took "brain breaks", moved desks, sat at tables, ANYTHING to keep their little brains focused. Our ELA assessment is 24 pages long! (6 week assessment). The math test was only 5 pages (20 questions). I tried to chunk it into 15-20 minute sessions. ALL  DAY! WOW! Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to get back into our routines. I am beginning to put together some "Treasures" supplements for CA
grade 1. I will post them when I finish. Report cards and assessments first. Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Clip Art I LOVE

Thursday, September 6, 2012

WOW! What a week!

I am learning so much from my fellow bloggers! These are some OUTSTANDING people! I have learned to make links, gadgets, my own button (GRAB IT!), and I have my first FREEBIE! This is so much fun. I hope I can begin the creative side soon. I will try to keep up. I now need to give hubby some "me" my laptop has seen my face more than he has! See you all soon! ( Like my new button? Clip art by

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome to my world...

Well, today is the day I open my blog and invite "family" to check out my new adventure. I think the hardest part is the "constructive criticism"...or whatever you call it. It really means CHANGE IT! Haha. There is sooo much "techy" stuff I DON'T know...makes me have a whole new appreciation for my son who does. He now has a new title, " TECH SUPPORT". ( He wants to kow how much the job pays.) I will be learning from others, trying new things, and crossing my fingers before I hit enter. Welcome to my new adventure. Hold on tight, it could be a WILD ride!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A New Look...
Well, I am finding more, and more things I enjoy. I NEVER knew FONTS and CLIP ART could be soo much fun! My husband says I'm hooked...I think he's right! So much little time! I hope I can keep up with this new adventure. (Though I don't sleep very much anymore...the brain just won't shut OFF). Old age? I THINK NOT! EXCITEMENT!:)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In the beginning....

Well, I am on my way! After researching  stalking other bloggers on Pinterest, I have found many creative people out there! Talk about feeling "out of the loop"! I am learning someting new every day. I hope at some time (vacation), I will actually have a few moments to create! That time will come. Right now it's about putting the foundation in. OMG...I sound like a first grade teacher! HAHA.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello, Everyone! I am jumping in with both feet to the wonderful world of ...blogging! I have been a "blog jumper" on Pinterest for a while...ok a LONG while. I am always learning from my friends and family. (This will be short, as I do have a day job!) I am so excited to begin this journey. Thank you to all who are supporting me in this new path. I am NOT leaving my current "life path", just adding a new view.